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Monsta X marked their 2nd anniversary as a group on the 14th of May, 2017. To celebrate this occasion, many Bulgarian Monbebe gathered for their first ever official fan meeting.

Monbebe, who stayed with us till the very end, enjoyed a lot of surprises.

Fortunately, the weather was warm that day. According to the forecast, there was no possibility of raining, yet some of us did become victims of an unpredicted rain at the end of the day. However, there is no doubt that this was the best date to hold a Monbebe fan meeting – a day in which we could all enjoy a lovely picnic in the park, while answering questions about Monsta X in order to win their latest album.

After discussing several options with the fans through our Facebook page, we all decided to begin the meeting at 1:00pm in Park Center Sofia. As expected, quite some time passed until all of us arrived, so that would mean the meeting officially started at 1:30 pm, which was just enough time for us to finish the final stages of its organization. While we were doing this, Monsta X’s songs were playing in the background and we could even witness a dance performance.

Eventually, more than 20 people (which is a pretty good start for a first meeting) showed up, who had gladly found time for our initiative, even in between their personal responsibilities. A real Monbebe always finds time for Monsta X and so did all of us. Once everyone arrived, our trivia game for winning an album could begin!

The participants are focused on the instructions of the trivia game.

Everyone, who wished to hold ‘’Beautiful’’ in their hands, had to work really hard in order to win, especially considering the fact that the organizers of the event invested a great amount of time to prepare questions, which only a real Monbebe could answer.

What would our next question be?..

The questions were separated in three categories – easy, medium and hard. There were hints for each of them and the harder the question was, the more points you could earn. The easiest questions gave 1pt, the medium ones 2pt and by answering one of the hardest questions, you could earn 3 points. Using a hint, however, meant that you will only get half of the points for the particular question. Therefore, winning was not a piece of cake, but it also was not impossible. Another part of the game consisted of questions regarding Monsta X’s songs, which have a MV, no matter if it is an official one or a selfcam. The lyrics of each song were translated in Bulgarian, so the Monbebe had to guess which one it was. This turned out to be one of the hardest tasks for them, since most of the fans were already used to listening to the original text and everything sounded way different in Bulgarian. The last part of the game was a challenge called ‘’Act it out’’ – the participants had to act out a random Monsta X song, which was chosen by the hosts of the event. Unfortunately, most of the people were too shy to carry this out, so we just had to skip it.

Devoted Monbebe! All of them knew the answer.


What question did you draw out?

Some of the questions asked: Who was supposed to be the group leader at first, but was switched with Shownu a day before their official debut?; Whose father has an orchard?; Which of the members is not good at swimming?, etc. Although not everyone knew the answers, we managed to have fun and gain more knowledge about the boys.

Around 2:00pm, Monsta X started a live broadcast to celebrate their 2nd year together, which lead to one of the hosts forgetting about the ongoing game and beginning to tap hearts in Vapp, like the devoted Monbebe she is. Of course, countless comments of the ‘’Bulgaria loves Monsta X’’ type were also involved in her activity. Not surprisingly, a few other Monbebe also joined in and this marked the first time we all worked together in order to get noticed. Thank you!

”Don’t forget to write that Bulgaria loves them…”

Everyone was happy to receive the posters they had ordered a week ago.


Let’s not forget the winner of our game – Miha!


We were all curious about which photocards she got, so Miha was kind enough to open the album in front of us, before she left.

The result was: Minhyun and Hyungwon!

The last thing we had to do is distribute the posters our guests had wished for.

“There are only two left of this type, but you can take it. They are for you.”

”Which one do you want?”

The meeting was wrapped up successfully. Everyone enjoyed it so much that they were already asking for a second one. To fulfill their wishes, we are already planning a fan meeting for our leader Shownu’s birthday in June. Anyone interested is welcome – we promise you to spend a lovely day, filled with surprised and, essentially, a cake!

We thank all of you, who helped with the organization of the event, cropping of the stickers, carrying the cardboards and, of course, we thank our photographers, without whom these memorable moments would not have been captured.  

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